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Amy: Selection Of Chip Inductors

Selection Of Chip Inductors

27 Май 2017 в 08:44am
power inductors
selection need to pay attention to matters:

1. inductance and allowable error

The inductance is the nominal value of the inductance measured by the product


(± 10; Class L (± 5; Grade K (± 10; Grade L (± 1; Grade G (± 2; (± 20;

P level (± 25; N grade (± 30; the most commonly used is J, K, M grade.

2. DC resistance

In addition to the power inductor measured DC resistance (only check the wire

specifications), other inductors required to specify the maximum DC resistance, generally

the smaller the better.

3. Saturation current by power inductors manufacturers

Take the inductor rated current of 1.25 to 1.5 times the maximum operating current, the

general should be derated 50% of the use of more secure.

4. The stability of the inductance

Inductance because the ambient temperature changes 1 ℃ generated by the change in

inductance △ L / △ t and the original inductance L value of the ratio of the inductance

of the temperature system a1, a1 = △ L / L * △ t. In addition to the inductor

temperature coefficient can determine its stability, but also should pay attention to the

mechanical vibration and aging caused by changes in the amount of inductance.
More inductors in


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