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Amy: Working principle of vacuum impregnation of high frequency transformer

Working principle of vacuum impregnation of high frequency transformer

19 Июнь 2017 в 10:50am
Vacuum impregnation forhigh frequency transformer , low-

frequency transformers, inductive coils, motors, inductors, dipping treatment, with

progressive coil mechanical strength, dielectric strength and moisture, mildew, noise

reduction and other functions; various metal film capacitors Filling, electrolytic

capacitors, medium / small resin technology vacuum degassing technology, and various

types of plastic PU raw materials vacuum degassing technology. Can improve product

quality, reduce production costs, save efficiency, protect the environment.

1. drain, remove the high-frequency transformer.

2. again exhaust, so that the cylinder and the pressure outside the tank balance.

3. (continued) Vacuum: to maintain a certain negative pressure after the pressure to


4. will need to be immersed in the high-frequency transformer into the cylinder by high frequency transformer manufacturers , the cylinder

head and locked by the cylinder head locking equipment.

5. pressurized drainage, after adding a positive pressure to the cylinder all the liquid

out, then the liquid discharge port closed (cylinder to maintain pressure)

6. exhaust (exhale vent), open (suction) exhaled mouth so that the air inside the

cylinder exhaled. The pressure reaches the outside of the cylinder.

7. balance (inhale), open the suction (call) nozzle, the air under the effect of

atmospheric pressure into the tank, so that the cylinder pressure and the pressure

outside the cylinder flat.

8. dry, the drum inside the drums rolling. Will be included in the high-frequency

transformer in the liquid through the centrifugal drying, off the high-frequency

transformer inside the excess liquid.

9. vacuum negative pressure, holding pressure for some time; the liquid tank liquid in

the atmospheric effect into the cylinder, the liquid reaches a certain height after the

closure into the liquid pipe.

10. the demand plus positive pressure can be added when the positive pressure, do not

need to add positive pressure, after the vacuum will be immersed in high-frequency liquid

transformer. (Mainly in the cylinder of liquid into the object, so that the body of the

body of liquid immersion equalization or infiltration).
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