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Myrakern: World of Warcraft servers struggling under Battle for Azeroth pre-order demands

World of Warcraft servers struggling under Battle for Azeroth pre-order demands

1 Февраль 2018 в 09:30am
World of Warcraft players eager to purchase Battle for Azeroth, the game's seventh expansion, have been hit using a multitude of server difficulties when logging in. Players have reported issues around the game's subreddit and Twitter, saying they are becoming greeted having a black screen upon logging in, also as pre-purchase wow gold complications, which Polygon was capable to replicate.

Players have been experiencing problems when trying to purchase the expansion itself, which would give them access to new Allied Races and a level 110 character enhance. Blizzard immediately reacted by pushing a statement towards the client.

Players may well encounter troubles although attempting to produce Wow Power Leveling purchases. We're working with our third party payment processor to resolve the issue as soon as you possibly can and apologize for the inconvenience.

On the other hand, now it seems that the World of Warcraft servers themselves have gone down. When logging in, players have found that their current characters never actually show up. WoW usually boosts the servers that players have characters on to the leading with the list, but no characters are currently appearing. Attempting to log in to among the list of servers final results in a black screen.

Blizzard's consumer service Twitter account posted that the team is working tough to fix this problem. A later tweet clarified that it is nonetheless occurring.

We'll update this story because it unfolds.


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