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Cszcy: Do MapleStory Test Server Truly Works?

Do MapleStory Test Server Truly Works?

7 Май 2018 в 09:19am
Hey guys, welcome to Maplestory Mesos, now we will explore the impact of Test Server, as most of us know, if there was a new update for the game, it would be released on Evaluation Servers, and a few players would be choosen randomly to check this upgrade in advance!

The question is not how I would feel about not being chosen. The question is what's better for the sport. And I believe choosing testers at random are a mistake.

Last time we had Tespia, years ago, the testers were chosen randomly. Because of this, the huge majority weren't interested in analyzing, but just in fooling about with all the auto-leveling and free equipment given by the server. And only a couple were actually testing.

The result was a complete collapse and Tespia being shut off for ages.

We don't need a repeat of this. The simple fact that there's an NDA involved this time - that a legally binding contract you have to sign to your real ID - gives me hope that Nexon is a lot more serious about participant testing, this moment.

TBH I do not know why everyone is so excited to enter Tespia. Well, honestly, I really do know. "Get to see the new content before everyone else." But that's not exactly what Tespia needs. That's not what the game requirements. And if you think about it, it's of little use to you (generic you) too. So you have to see the new content first, so what? You're not allowed to tell anybody about it. Playing it does not give you anything to your actual account - you're going to need to play cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos all over again on the live servers when it is released. And meanwhile, for "testing", you may need to run through it over and over while it crashes or glitches or behaves strangely, attempt to figure out whether it is a bug or planned, and write out detailed bug reports, with screenshots and movies and materials. Does that seem like fun? It is an actual job that need to find a mesos as reward, since a lot of it is quite tedious and bothersome.


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