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Working principle of vacuum impregnation of high frequency transformer

Vacuum impregnation forhigh frequency transformer , low- frequency transformers, inductive coils, motors, inductors, dipping treatment, with progressive coil mechanical strength, dielectric strength and moisture, mildew, noise reduction and other functions; various metal film capacitors Filling, electrolytic capacitors, medium / small resin technology vacuum degassing technology, and various types of plastic PU raw materials vacuum degassing technology. Can improve product quality, reduce production costs, save efficiency, protect the environment.

1. drain, remove the high-frequency transformer.

2. again exhaust, so that the cylinder and the pressure outside the tank balance.

3. (continued) Vacuum: to maintain a certain negative pressure after the pressure to maintain.

4. will need to be immersed in the high-frequency transformer into the cylinder by high frequency transformer manufacturers , the cylinder head and locked by the cylinder head locking equipment.

5. pressurized drainage, after adding a positive pressure to the cylinder all the liquid out, then the liquid discharge port closed (cylinder to maintain pressure)

6. exhaust (exhale vent), open (suction) exhaled mouth so that the air inside the cylinder exhaled. The pressure reaches the outside of the cylinder.

7. balance (inhale), open the suction (call) nozzle, the air under the effect of atmospheric pressure into the tank, so that the cylinder pressure and the pressure outside the cylinder flat.

8. dry, the drum inside the drums rolling. Will be included in the high-frequency transformer in the liquid through the centrifugal drying, off the high-frequency transformer inside the excess liquid.

9. vacuum negative pressure, holding pressure for some time; the liquid tank liquid in the atmospheric effect into the cylinder, the liquid reaches a certain height after the closure into the liquid pipe.

10. the demand plus positive pressure can be added when the positive pressure, do not need to add positive pressure, after the vacuum will be immersed in high-frequency liquid transformer. (Mainly in the cylinder of liquid into the object, so that the body of the body of liquid immersion equalization or infiltration).

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Selection Of Chip Inductors

power inductors selection need to pay attention to matters:

1. inductance and allowable error

The inductance is the nominal value of the inductance measured by the product specification.

(± 10%); Class L (± 5%); Grade K (± 10%); Grade L (± 1%); Grade G (± 2%); (± 20%); P level (± 25%); N grade (± 30%); the most commonly used is J, K, M grade.

2. DC resistance

In addition to the power inductor measured DC resistance (only check the wire specifications), other inductors required to specify the maximum DC resistance, generally the smaller the better.

3. Saturation current by power inductors manufacturers

Take the inductor rated current of 1.25 to 1.5 times the maximum operating current, the general should be derated 50% of the use of more secure.

4. The stability of the inductance

Inductance because the ambient temperature changes 1 ℃ generated by the change in inductance △ L / △ t and the original inductance L value of the ratio of the inductance of the temperature system a1, a1 = △ L / L * △ t. In addition to the inductor temperature coefficient can determine its stability, but also should pay attention to the mechanical vibration and aging caused by changes in the amount of inductance.

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Check Of Open Current Fault Of Current Transformer

Current transformers open circuit fault check]: current transformer that is a small number of turns of CT winding, the use of a winding in series in the measured line, the number of secondary winding turns, and measuring instruments and relays and other current coil in series, Instruments and relays and other current coil impedance is very small, so the normal operation CT is close to the short circuit state. CT secondary .

Current transformer of current transformers manufacturers is a small number of turns of CT winding, the use of a winding in series in the measured line, the number of secondary winding turns, and measuring instruments and relays and other current coil in series, measuring instruments and relays and other current coil impedance is very small , So the normal operation CT is close to the short circuit state. The size of the CT secondary current is determined by the primary current, and the magnetic potential generated by the secondary current is the magnetic potential that balances the primary current. If the secondary open circuit, the impedance is infinite, the secondary current is equal to zero, the magnetic potential is equal to zero, you can not balance the current generated by the magnetic potential, then a current will all act on the excitation, so that the core is saturated. Magnetic saturation to increase the iron loss, CT fever, CT coil insulation will be burned due to overheating. But also in the core to produce remanence, increase the transformer error. The most serious is due to magnetic saturation, alternating magnetic flux sine wave into a trapezoidal wave, the rapid changes in the magnetic moment, the secondary coil will induce a very high voltage, the peak of up to several kilovolts, so high Of the voltage on the secondary coil and the secondary circuit, the personal and equipment are there a serious threat. So CT at any time are not allowed to run the secondary side of the open.

Found CT secondary open circuit failure, generally from the following phenomenon to check to determine a loop instrument instructions abnormal, generally reduced or zero. Used to measure the meter current loop open circuit, will make three-phase ammeter instructions inconsistent, power meter instructions to reduce the meter speed is slow or not turn. If the meter indicates no time, it may be in a semi-open state contact bad. 2CT body with no noise, uneven vibration, severe fever, smoke and other phenomena, of course, these phenomena in the load when the performance is not obvious. 3CT secondary circuit terminals, component lines are discharged, the phenomenon of ignition. 4 to prevent the occurrence of maloperation or refusal, this situation can be in the wrong trip or skip the trip found and processed. Electric technology alliance S5 watt-hour meter, relay and other smoke burned. And there are reactive power meter and power meter, remote device transmitter, protection device relay [not only make CT secondary open circuit, but also make PT secondary short circuit.

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Several Types of Power Transformer Advantages

Unconsciously, the power transformer for sale from birth to now has a hundred years of history, from the human has the first transformer development to the present, the type of transformer has become numerous. At this time people may be wondering, then a variety of transformers which can be used to achieve the best choice? Strictly speaking, no matter what type of transformer can do the best, only care about the choice of materials and craftsmen on the gap. More critical is that the producers can avoid weaknesses in the various types of power transformer advantages and disadvantages of full play out, this is the fundamental to do the transformer.

In the current majority of imported amplifiers, the main transformer used in the power transformer manufacturers or the main ring transformer. This shows that the application of the transformer or objective and fair, for the audio amplifier, the quality of the transformer is also good or bad sound effects also affect the output. Because the transformer transmission of energy, and the core, coil, etc. are closely related to the rate of transmission for the sound effects of the decisive role. For example, EI-type power transformers, the use of people will usually feel that the IF is relatively thick and high frequency is relatively slim, it is because the transmission speed is relatively slow. The ring transformer is relatively thick, the high frequency is relatively weak, it is because of its faster transmission speed, but through the effective structure changes, you can make the ring and EI type of transformer are done very perfect, the key lies in the Designers and producers of ideas and craftsmanship.

However, combined with the above mentioned, at least to be sure that the R-type transformer is not easy to do with its small current amplifier or CD player power can also, but for the treadmill these large machinery or use professional Of the treadmill transformer can be better to play a role. Because the R type of transformer structure is not easy to change, relative to the ring or EI type of transformer, you can change the structure to achieve the transformer in the power of the best results.

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